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Simply put... we are the best at what we do! ETA is a family owned business that prides itself on excellence. Our service is unmatched!

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Ever considered moving abroad but do not know where to start? The first step is to put boots on the ground and physically GO to the country.

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Experience the world YOUR way! We offer a variety of destinations and trip options. Check out the countries we tour and the packages we offer today!

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A Message from the Founder

“The incredible people I am blessed to meet and the beauty of the places I am privileged to visit leave me awestruck on a daily basis.”

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      I genuinely want to thank you for taking the time to consider Elite Tours Abroad and for the opportunity to earn your business.  Each of our clients mean a lot to me personally because, by using our services you have made an active decision to put your trust in us.

      Elite Tours Abroad is a true pleasure to be a part of. The incredible people I am blessed to meet and the beauty of the places I am privileged to visit leave me awestruck on a daily basis.

     To get some of the qualifying details out of the way… as you may know, I am a licensed and practicing attorney (I know… save the lawyer jokes … we’ll have plenty of time for them).  Kidding aside, I take the responsibilities of my profession very seriously.  My education and work have all been international because I love to travel.  My experience aligns perfectly with the subject of international relocation.  A law license empowers me to represent people’s well-being at so many levels of society.  I know the questions to ask and the answers to seek.  There is a right and a wrong way to approach a decision like international relocation, and I have invested myself into discovering the right way. Everything from the people we will introduce you to, to the specific regions we visit, has been carefully decided.

      I wish I could scream from the mountaintop just how amazing an international life can be.  Whatever your motivation for investigating this far, I applaud you for considering a move abroad. You really are one step closer to experiencing it for yourself.

      While life abroad is exciting and fulfilling, the process of relocation and investment can be challenging.  The path to a peace of mind is often crowded with legal, logistic and financial concerns.  The answer that we have created is Elite Tours Abroad.  Your dreams are on the line, and it is my goal to help you reach them.

     I am always accessible, happy to help, and willing to go the distance for any of our travelers. Call us at any time and feel free to ask for me by name.

Warmest of wishes,

Ben Hefflinger

ELITE TOURS ABROAD Experience each
country YOUR way

Creative ELITE TOURS ABROAD “The planning and arrangements for this trip were absolutely
flawless. Every time I was to meet a contact they were there
and on time with my name printed on a sheet so there was
no mistaking who they were. The accommodations were first
class and the people that were lined up for information were
professional. This is the best way to discover a region. I
highly recommend Elite Tours.”
-Mark B. Testimonials

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