Elite Tours Abroad is a family-owned tour operation company founded in 2014.  We focus on a niche group of travelers who want to relocate and/or invest abroad. As one can imagine, the design of such a tour is very different from a vacation tour. Ultimately, the service we offer is one of education. By handling all of the transportation and lodging, connecting our travelers with local professionals (and showing them some fun along the way), we are able to provide a first-hand experience in the given country.

ETA works with local vendors to facilitate smooth operation of all of our tours. We normally use the same path and accommodations for all of our tours, deviating slightly for the traveler(s) who want more or less luxury or to visit different locations. This enables us to provide very efficient and well traveled paths for our travelers.

We have carefully selected the professionals we introduce our travelers to. It is important for us to be associated with the best in each respective field; each one contributing to the distinguished reputation of Elite Tours Abroad.

Ben founded the company in 2014. His father was considering relocating to Belize, but could not find a service to help him discover the country in the way he wanted; thus, the idea was born. Ben decided to pack up and moved to Belize for a few months. While in the country, he established connections with many business operators in the tourism industry, as well as many other industries. On returning to the States, the company was launched and tours began. Since then, the company has expanded operations into four (4) other countries as well.

Ben is a licensed attorney in the United States who specializes in healthcare and international business law. As part of his academic endeavors, he was fortunate to study internationally, in China and Southeast Asia. A traveler at heart, his passion has evolved into helping people discover the same sense of adventure. He is often heard saying, “If only people knew what life is like elsewhere.”  So, he has set out to help make that happen.

An avid outdoorsman, Ben is a technical SCUBA diver, camper, fisherman, runner, kayaker… anything outdoors. His personal healing and strength comes from “blue” and “green”… water and nature.

While starting the company, Ben sought the advice of an old high school friend whom he had not seen nor spoken to in more than a decade. Little did he know that the connection they once had would blossom into an incredible relationship. Now engaged to be married, Ben and Jenna have become successful business and life partners, and it’s working out beautifully.

Jenna Scarpino has unofficially been part of the ETA team from the very beginning. With a professional background in financial sales, she has now formally taken over sales and marketing for the business. Her university degree in marketing and public relations from Penn State University provided her with background knowledge and skills relevant to tourism.

Selling discovery experiences is so much more fun (and fulfilling) than selling numbers! Her success is remarkable.

Jenna also loves to be outdoors. Her eye for beauty is often used to capture the most incredible pictures. She gets excited about all of the little things in life that so many people tend to overlook. She loves to run, hike, camp, and explore nature.

Jenna also shares a love for international travel. Born in Germany, she has explored the majority of Europe. She has returned several times since her childhood.  Since joining Elite Tours Abroad, her interest in Central and South America has piqued. She has visited each of the countries we tour and has become an expert on what it takes to move overseas.


      I genuinely want to thank you for taking the time to consider Elite Tours Abroad and for the opportunity to earn your business.  Each of our clients mean a lot to me personally because, by using our services you have made an active decision to put your trust in us.

      Elite Tours Abroad is a true pleasure to be a part of.  The amount of quality people I am blessed to meet and the places I am privileged to visit leave me awestruck on a daily basis.

     To get some of the qualifying details out of the way… as you read above, I am a licensed attorney (I know… save the lawyer jokes … we’ll have plenty of time for them).  Kidding aside, I take the responsibilities of my profession very seriously.  My education and work have all been international because I love to travel.  My experience aligns perfectly with the subject of international relocation.  A law license empowers me to represent people’s well-being at so many levels of society.  I know the questions to ask and the answers to seek.  There is a right and a wrong way to approach a decision like international relocation, and I have invested myself into discovering the right way. Everything from the seminar speakers I have chosen, to the specific regions we visit has been carefully decided.

      I wish I could scream from the mountaintop just how amazing an international life can be.  Whether it is the cold weather or the fluctuating stock market that has you considering moving abroad, you really are one step closer to experiencing it for yourself.

      While life abroad is exciting and fulfilling, the process of relocation and investment can be challenging.  The path to a peace of mind is often crowded with legal, logistic and financial concerns.  The answer that I’ve created is Elite Tours Abroad.  Your dreams are on the line, and it is my goal to help you reach them.

      Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions or concerns at 


Warmest of wishes,


Ben Hefflinger


*Please note, neither Elite Tours Abroad, nor Mr. Hefflinger are offering legal advice or opinions.  Communication with the parties does not create an attorney client relationship.