We have two types of tours!

  • Private; and
  • Small-group.

Our experience has shown us that people who are in the discovery phase have done a lot of research. They often know generally where they want to go. We have gone to great lengths to design a few tours that cater to the specific desires of our travelers.

Are you only interested in coastal living? We have a tour for that.

Are you thinking that the highland or mountain life is more your speed? We have a tour for that.

Are you not sure where you belong (this was me)? We have tours that introduce you to it all.

Benefits of our tours:

  • See the places you want to see;
  • Meet the types of people you want to meet;
  • Travel when and for as long as you wish; and

What does your tour include?

  1. Private and group option-
    • Where possible, we pair like-minded travelers together to help them save on costs. Small groups may save a few hundred buck by doing so. Typically, group tours do not exceed 6 people. Availability is based on demand.
  2. Length: 7 to 10 days (depending on where you want to go);
  3. All domestic transportation:
    • Flights
    • Taxis
    • Water Taxis (boats)
    • Airport pick-up and drop-offs
    • Transportation to meetings
  4. All lodging– from every comfort level
  5. Breakfasts each morning to start the day off right
    • Trust us, seeking out the local lunch and dinner spots on your own is part of the joy of the experience
  6. Real estate tours in each region
    • This is the best way to figure out where you want to live.
  7. Meeting with global asset manager, attorney, locals and other professionals upon request

All of the legwork of planning is handled for you. We simply ask for you to show up ready to learn as much as you can. You will have fun along the way. Time to explore a new country!

Why You Should Book With Elite Tours Abroad:

  • New, Innovative and Connected. Tourism and guided tours are not new ideas, nor are they rocket science.  When you hire a tour operator, you are paying for ease, efficiency and knowledge. The niche market of discovery or relocation tours is small and has very few operators.  Monopolies lead to stagnation and complacency.  We recognized this as a problem and stepped in to provide a solution.


Belizean beach chairsElite Tours Abroad was formed in 2014 and has continued to grow at a steady rate. Many of our first customers have returned for additional tours! We have a fresh approach to doing business and refuse to accept the norm.  Our connections are strong, from high ranking political figures to professionals within the communities.

The director of Elite Tours Abroad was recently asked to sit on the Board of Directors for Belize’s first domestic hotel chain.  It is quite an honor.


  • Global International Experience and High-level Professionalism. The director of the company is a licensed U.S. attorney and has studied the laws of countries across the world including China, Vietnam, and the Caribbean.  His focus has been international trade and business law.

The advisory board of Elite Tours Abroad carries over 35 years of multi-national Fortune 500 level management and operations experience.  It holds an active role in daily operation and strategic direction of the company.

  • Narrow Purpose. Our purpose and focus are clear:  to help you determine whether you want to relocate and invest abroad by experiencing it firsthand.

To accurately experience a country, you have to step off of the tourists’ path.  We want you to see the good and the bad.  You will feel the things that make a country special.  It is our responsibility to make that experience possible.  We can easily accomplish this because we have no vested interest in whether you actually purchase something after the tour. The fun we will have (and there is no shortage of it) is carefully balanced to align with our purpose.

You are considering relocating to another country.  See it and experience it the way you will when you live there.

  • Continued Relationship. We want you to be our customer for as long as it takes you to find a location that feels right to you.  The first country you visit may not be it.  We currently tour in Belize, Panama and Ecuador and are in negotiations with some of the nicest hotels and resorts in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico as well.  We insist on your comfort every step of the way and stake the reputation of our business on it.  Our use of airplanes and air conditioned vehicles at every step make for a more pleasurable experience…dare we say, an Elite experience. By touring with us once, you’ll learn what to expect and we are confident you’ll enlist us to help you again.

To request a sample itinerary, please fill out the contact form below. We are very responsive, not pushy, and enjoy being a resource to those who are in the early stages of planning.

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