Rainbows, Coffee & Waterfalls. Boquete, Panama: Paradise Exists.

“One feels that magic happens here as rainbows arch over the region. Horses freely roam the fincas or farmlands below the majestic mountains. Sublime landscape surrounds you as you climb higher up to the mountain town of Boquete. Sunlight reflects on the streams, rivers and waterfalls running through the canyons.  The Chiriquí highlands is adorned with rainforests, volcanic peaks, coffee plantations, orchid farms and a flower-filled towns which truly seem to be enchanted. ” – Expat’s Paradise


Panama Landscape, Coffee Plantations, Boquete

Panama Landscape, Coffee Plantations, Boquete


More and more people are asking us for tour information on Boquete and Chiriquí Province.  While trying top put into my own words why Boquete is a must-see destination, I found this great write-up highlighting the breathtaking landscapes, local attractions, treasured history, basic facts, real estate info, and more.  Kudos to Expat’s Paradise for compiling such great material!

If you’re thinking of retiring or relocating to Panama and intend on touring first, you need to make sure Boquete is on your list.  We will make sure to connect you with expats and professionals from Boquete who can help you to better understand the area and help you decide if it’s where you’d like to live!

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Written By: Jenna Scarpino, Relocation Specialist for Elite Tours Abroad.