Faces of people living in Ecuador

People of Ecuador

Faces of people living in Ecuador

faces of people living in Ecuador


One of the most rewarding and humbling advantages of relocating to a new place is learning about the people who live there.  Through participation and engagement, you will find that we are all quite similar, with very few differences, especially when it comes to what we value as human beings.  We love the people of Ecuador and we applaud both the photographers and their subjects for sharing their photos & stories which have aided in the success of Humans of Quito, an inspiring non-profit venture.


Sure, our cultures and traditions vary, but they are all so fascinating, so unique and in most cases, align with each other; joining in unity and working as a community, taking care of and providing for family members & loved ones, celebrating life’s big events such as births & marriages, appreciating the arts, exploring mother nature, gathering together to share meals, play music and tell stories, carrying out traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation, etc.


Learning how different, but how alike we all are adds a greater perspective and value to our lives.  Humans of Quito has done a phenomenal job at opening the world’s eyes to the people of Ecuador.  Living among the people will open your eyes even more.


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Written By: Jenna Scarpino, Relocation Specialist for Elite Tours Abroad.