Red and Purple Peppers

Retire. Eat Healthy! Live Happy.

Prickly Pears. Papayas.  Avocados.  One of the greatest benefits of living in Central and South America is the tremendous amount of fresh produce at the most affordable price.  Of all the fruits and vegetables imported into the US each year, 35% of those imports come from Central and South America!  Pretty incredible, right?

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables help to create a most healthy lifestyle for all fortunate enough to live in their backyard.  Nothing beats the pure nutrients received from the freshest produce.  Not only is it fresh and affordable it’s accessible on every corner in these countries.  There’s no reason to not eat ripe, ready-to-eat produce daily.  You’d actually have to put effort into not doing so!


Mangos for example are rich in flavor and are great for morning smoothies or to make sweet and spicy chutney.

Chayote squash (which if you’ve nRed and Purple Peppers ever had it, tastes like a mix between a cucumber and potato) can be eaten raw and added to salads for additional nutrients and extra crunch.

Jicama sliced, served raw with added chili and lime juice makes a great appetizer or afternoon snack.

Habanero, Jalapeno and Cayenne peppers (to name a few) are excellent choices to add extra kick to any dish.  Dice and add to salsa or roast and stuff with seafood and cheeses.

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, slice open a Cherimoya to it’s creamy white center and taste the blended flavors of pineapple, banana and strawberry (enjoyed frozen as well).

Just because it’s a fruit or vegetable doesn’t always mean it HAS to stay healthy either.  Plantains for example are best served fried or even double fried!  And if you’re looking to add a twist to your traditional Margarita, just add a splash of Guava nectar.  Avocado, pepper, lime


Living overseas in a tropical location has many benefits, but we wanted to highlight one of the greatest benefits of them all which is the phenomenal selection of fresh produce at your doorstep.  Living in paradise, and eating healthy is just about as good as it gets.  If you’re thinking you’d like to visit, relocate or retire in Central or South America, you can count on delicious healthy eating!  This post made me hungry… I’m going to go whip up some fresh mango guacamole! See the simple recipe below!




  1. 3 ripe avocados.
  2. 1 mango- peeled & diced.
  3. 1 lime- add juice only
  4. ¼ cup of chopped sweet onion (optional)
  5. ½ jalapeno pepper (optional for extra kick)
  6. Salt and Cilantro, to taste


Written By: Jenna Scarpino, Relocation Specialist for Elite Tours Abroad.