Tucan Belize Colorful

Retiring in Belize is Easier Than You Think!

“The Belizeans are very friendly and welcoming to expats. They live by a simple rule—help your neighbors.”

Tucan Belize Colorful

We are so excited to see Belize on the list of ” 5 Great Places to Retire Where it’s Easy to Fit In” because we had been saying this for years! Belize is a gem of a country which is why we tour there.  I pasted the section of Belize from the article (which came in at #3) for you below. For the full article click here: 5 Great Places to Retire Where it’s Easy to Fit In

3. Join an Active Expat Community in Belize

Retire in Belize

Belize is a gorgeous country known for its dreamy Caribbean seascapes and mysterious Mayan ruins. The view of the aquamarine sea and the barrier reef from the cayes is breathtaking. Head inward from the mainland coast and the country is green and lush—you’ll find rolling Mennonite farmland…wild, dense jungle…and meandering rivers—making Belize an eco-tourist’s delight.

This is a country where it’s easy for expats to adapt and fit in. First of all, English is the country’s primary language. Belize is also a British Commonwealth country, which means the laws and regulations are similar to the U.S. and Canada. So it’s not that difficult to understand legal documents, and you won’t need a translator.

The Belizeans are very friendly and welcoming to expats. They live by a simple rule—help your neighbors. Expats who spend time getting to know their Belizean neighbors will more than likely be invited to local family gatherings and parties.

Within Belize there are five regions where most expats live. Each community offers a different environment and lifestyle. The cost of living can vary by as much as 100% from one region to another. The tourist-oriented areas are the most expensive.

On the coast the two cayes (islands) where expats live are Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. You can reach them by a 20-minute flight from Belize City. Both offer an easy-going Caribbean island lifestyle. You’ll find plenty of action on Ambergris Caye, but also a lot of hustle, bustle, and traffic. Caye Caulker is peaceful, serene, and has no traffic. People get around by foot and on bikes.

On the mainland there are three additional locations where you’ll find expats—Corozal, San Ignacio, and Placencia. Corozal is located on a bay in northern Belize, near the border with Mexico; San Ignacio is located in western Belize, in the foothills of the Maya; and Placencia is located on the coast in the Stann Creek District, to the south.

Corozal and San Ignacio are inexpensive areas, where you can live on a Social Security budget. Both have active expat communities. Placencia is known for its 17 miles of golden-sand beaches. This region is a tourist hot spot, so the cost of living can be up to double that of Corozal and San Ignacio.

There is at least one hang out in each of these locations, where expats gather to socialize. Drop in at these hot spots and you’ll likely find expats there who are willing to share their experiences adapting to living in Belize.

An easy way to meet new friends in Belize is to join one of the many groups where they congregate. Attend a church…take part in athletic activities…or join a volunteer organization…and before you know it you’ll be invited to more parties and events than you could possibly attend.—Ann Kuffner


Well there you have it! It really is that easy.  Should you decide you want to take a trip for a trial run of life in Belize, simply contact us.  We would be happy to create a tour just for you and get you around the country in the most fun and efficient way.  All of our tours have been carefully designed for those seriously thinking of moving there.  You go on an “off the beaten path” tour and see all there is to see within the country as well as meet all the people necessary to help with your decision (expats, realtors, locals, etc).  Don’t just dream about it, make it happen!  


Written By: Jenna Scarpino, Relocation Specialist for Elite Tours Abroad