Life at the Beach, Retirement


Okay, so you have worked for 40 or so years and are hoping to soon retire.  We imagine you wrote down (or at least thought of) your “must-have” list for ideal places to retire.  This list most likely includes ocean air, sunny days, fresh fruits and vegetables at your doorstep, friendly locals, expat communities, life off the beaten path and vibrant culture.  If you don’t have these things on your list, you should.  And where can you obtain all of these factors in one place? Central America of course. Central America grabs the attention of thousands each and every year as they migrate away from the cold weather and into the warmth of the tropics.  After so many visits, people who are interested in retiring often choose Central America as their new home.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Central America


#1: Salt in Your Hair, Sand in Your Toes

Central America is home to the most magnificent beaches on the planet.  From the crystal, blue waters of Belize to the white sands of Panama’s coast you will find picture-perfect ocean views in every direction.  Fishing, boating, snorkeling, diving… even refreshing strolls along the coast listening to the waves crash… the ocean provides an endless amount of enjoyment.  Retirement should be full of rest, relaxation and fun.  The beaches of Central America are ideal for this.  Another plus is that kids and grandkids love the beach!  You will have more visitors than maybe you planned.  Who knows, maybe they’ll never leave.

#2: Tropical Weather

Many people vacation and retire in warm climates.  Why? Because they are usually in tropical locations full of sunny days, ocean breezes, lush vegetation and are ice and snow free.  Sure, snow-capped mountains look pretty and skiing can be fun, but shoveling and scraping windshields are not ideal everyday chores.  Brushing the sand off your front steps is a better alternative. Don’t worry about layering up and having the cold wind bite at your nose.  Live in your tropical print t-shirts year-round!

#3 Expat Communities and Friendly Locals

Moving to a new location or, better yet, a new country is never easy.  However, moving to a place with many expat communities and friendly locals makes it all a bit easier (and more enjoyable!).  You certainly will not find yourself as a sole expatriate.  A lot of retirees are finding out about the tropical life in Central America and each year, more and more people relocate to enjoy the best years of their lives.   The locals in these countries are also very friendly and welcoming!  As long as you are not afraid to strike up conversation and share a smile, you will be good to go!

#4: Off the Grid and Away from the Noise

Are you tired of being bombarded by the ridiculousness of the media?  Sick of advertisements popping up every minute on your tv, phone, radio, or in your email and physical mailbox?   If you’re ready to leave all the noise behind, Central America is your ticket to escape.  You will not have to worry about negative news stories and latest trends being pushed in your face.  Worry about what type of fresh fish you’ll be cooking for dinner rather than which celebrity is back in rehab.

#5: Healthy Lifestyle

Living in Central America allows you access to an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round.  With healthy foods at your fingertips, you’re more likely to create healthy snacks and dinners for yourself.  Your appetite will change.  Maybe you’ll crave homemade tortilla chips and fresh salsa over greasy cheese fries and hot dogs.  Also, in most cases, the small beach communities are close to town and to the beaches, making a car unnecessary.  You will have plenty of opportunities to walk or bike which also contributes to a healthier lifestyle!  When you’re living in the tropics you’ll want to make sure you have as many days as possible to enjoy it!  Staying healthy is the best way to accomplish that.



If you think Central America sounds like your perfect paradise let us help you find where you belong!  We offer private and small group tours of Belize, Panama and Costa Rica.  We also tour in Ecuador in South America.  Our tours are packed with education, new discoveries, meetings with locals, expats and professionals and fun experiences.   Thinking about retiring overseas and actually doing it are drastically different.  We can help you make the best decision by introducing you to a new country in the most effective way while connecting you with the people who can help make it all possible.


Written By: Jenna Scarpino, Relocation Specialist for Elite Tours Abroad