Faces of people living in Ecuador
17 Nov

People of Ecuador

  One of the most rewarding and humbling advantages of relocating to a new place is learning about the people who live there.  Through participation and engagement, you will find that we are all quite similar, with very few differences, especially when it comes to what...

Panama Beach, Panama City, Parrots,
2 Nov

Retiring or Relocating? Think PANAMA!

  Retiring or Relocating? Think PANAMA!  Sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, containing 1,800 miles of oceanic views, 5 million acres of national parks, restored ruins that date back to the 1600's and one of the most well-known canals on the planet lies one...

Red and Purple Peppers
1 Nov

Retire. Eat Healthy! Live Happy.

Prickly Pears. Papayas.  Avocados.  One of the greatest benefits of living in Central and South America is the tremendous amount of fresh produce at the most affordable price.  Of all the fruits and vegetables imported into the US each year, 35% of those imports come from...