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Andrew H.
Panama Tour

"Tour of Panama was exceptional! Our guide Fabian was very patient, filled with knowledge and was always interested in meeting our specific interests. His personal passion about the people and customs of Panama made the tour special. The exposure to various real estate developments in Panama was what I expected. We spent about 8 days in various environments, from the City dwelling, to beaches to undeveloped beaches, to mountains and through jungles, visiting communities with and without expats. I found the Panamanians to be friendly and when attempting any Spanish, would always work to understand and help us. I was completely unaware as to how developed and progressive Panama City was; I hope the transit system being installed will help their traffic issues. The Visa process was explained and benefits to those who qualify are significant. Property ownership rights, medical care, climate were all reasons for my tour. I would strongly suggest the interested parties to jump on Elite Tours tour path. Having done a similar tour of Belize with a different operator I am qualified to make a comparison. This tour is superior. Can’t wait to pick another country and apply their incentive discount!"

Michael C.
Belize Tour

"In a word GREAT. I was not only treated like a preferred customer I felt I was treated like the only customer. Once we started talking and I realized Elite fit the bill perfectly for what I wanted to accomplish they were with me every step of the way from start to finish. Together we planned the itinerary based on their expansive knowledge and my expectations. Together we worked through all possible potholes and together we made the decisions which allowed me to achieve my expectations. It was more a partner relationship than a business/customer relationship. I would not hesitate to use Elite in the future."

Kathy A.
Belize Tour

Me and my husband started planning for retirement and we talked about different places in the states, but we just couldn't agree on anything. My husband started looking into Belize and we decided to take a trip to check it out. We found information about Elite Tours Abroad in international living magazine so we made the call and spoke with Jenna. She was amazingly helpful and she became as excited as we were about our tour. Jenna arranged everything for us, there was someone at the airport to greet us and took us to the resort we would be staying at. The first resort was in Palencia and it was beautiful and the staff were amazing. She arranged to have a realtor pick us up and give us a tour of the island. We really liked it there, it was a beautiful place! We were there for a couple of days then we were taken to Caye Caulker for a couple of days. Once again the resort was great, and the staff were very accommodating. We were not impressed with Caye Caulker at first, but the next day when the realtor picked us up and took us all over the island we fell in love! Our last tour was in San Pedro (Ambergris Caye). The accommodations were beautiful and San Pedro was bigger than the other 2 islands. We looked at some property there and was very impressed. After some long discussions we both agreed that Caye Caulker was the place for us! The realtor that Jenna set us up with was so helpful and he took us all over. We had lunch with him at the Sports Bar and we felt like we could make this our home. I have even joined a couple of Caye Caulker FB pages to make some connections and everyone has been so nice. Our plan is to rent for at least 6 months then see what we want to do. We already found a place to live. We are so excited and very grateful for ETA for the experience. If our plan works out we will be moving to Caye Caulker in June 2018!"

Tammi Z.
Belize Tour

"My experience with Elite Tours Abroad was wonderful! I could tell they knew Belize well, and their recommendations for accommodations and food never failed! They made it so easy to travel the country to see the many different possibilities for purchasing real estate. It was great not to worry about flight reservations, hotel rooms and other travel-related concerns because they took care of everything up front! Jenna and Ben were always available with any questions and were great about checking in to see how the trip was going! I will definitely use ETA for future tours to other wonderful destinations! Thank you Jenna and Ben!"

Donna D.
Panama Tour

"Loved the coffee tour, archaeological tour, all the history given and touring by Fabian the Panama Expert, the real estate gals in Boquete were great. GREAT accommodations and scheduling."

Jane K.
Panama Tour

"Elite Tours and our Panama Expert guide, Fabian, showed great respect for the people of Panama and were so helpful with preparations and ideas for the trip. This is the way to travel! In fact, as I plan my next trip, I’ll be looking to Elite for their expertise and truly fair pricing!_The best part of our adventure is that Jenna, from Elite, and Fabian, our Panama Expert, took care of every detail so that everything was paid ahead of time and we just had to worry about ourselves! Huge thanks to Elite for a wonderful experience."

Angie A.

"It can be very daunting to know where to begin in the minutia of traveling abroad... the to do list can be overwhelming! But for many of us, the draw of foreign lands, sandy beaches and exploring is such a draw that we are willing to endure to 'arrive' there. Elite Tours Abroad provides a simplicity and safety that you are looking for! Ben and Jenna make it all look SO easy, so you can truly focus on the beauty and fun of exploring those places you have always wanted to see! Adventure is calling... and it's never been easier to get there!"

Diane B.
Panama Tour

"This was a trip of a life time!! I am so impressed with everyone that helped get this trip organized!! Fabian [tour guide] was absolutely fantastic!!! I cannot think of a single thing he could have done to make this trip any better. His knowledge of the country, the people, the history and the culture was impressive! I feel like I made a new friend. I can’t thank Elite Tours enough!! Great experience all around!!"

Julie B.
Belize Tour

"The overall tour experience: 10+…beautiful, detailed tour booklet with valuable information before, during, after trip."

Robin H.
Panama Tour

"Wow, the local cuisine was fantastic (El Telpechi) Panama City. The overall tour experience was a 10 out of 10."

Mark B.
Belize Tour

"The trip was absolutely marvelous. I learned so much about Belize, what would be a possibility and what would not work. Everything that you and Ben set up was on time and flawless."

Alan H.
Belize Tour

"Ben, with Elite Tours, handled us with kit gloves from the first phone call to the end of the journey. Believe me, he had to work for it too. Not only had we never been to Belize but once we got there Hurricane Earl decided to visit! This caused Ben great heartache in having to completely re-plan our tour stops, hotels, real estate agents, etc. He did so with no complaints. Ben’s plan for us was perfectly set in the places we went and the order we saw them. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone planning a trip to Belize particularly if you are interested in buying real estate."

Thomas B.
Belize Tour

"Attention given to every detail! Tour gave us a great understanding of different part of Belize and helped us refine what we are looking for and where we might like to invest/live. Excellent accommodations and travel arrangements throughout country. Money well spent!"

Rhonda R.
Ecuador Tour

"Karla was excellent. I really can’t say enough good things about her. She was responsive, informative, professional and considerate. She made the trip amazing, we would have never been able to see Ecuador like we did without her!"

Jason J.
Panama Tour

“Elite Tours Abroad did a fantastic itinerary based off the limited information I gave them as I didn’t really know what I wanted and where I wanted to go. The people we worked with in Panama were friendly, spoke English, great with on the spot requests like “getting a cell phone chip or cable” or “getting snacks for the drive (or every day like I did)”. Our “tour guide” became our friend and even hooked us up with another American he kept in touch with who had already bought property there to bounce thoughts off, lessons learned and things to be wary of. This was not a tour where you’re shown a property/time share and are pressured to buy on the spot. I am hoping to see one other country – probably through Elite tours again before deciding on one country or another. Good luck and happy hunting! These are the people you should use.”

-Natalie H.
Panama Tour

“Your tour company did a great job. Overall we felt it was a very good trip.”