Top 20 Reasons to Live & Retire in PANAMA

“It is hard to think of any other destination in the world that has such a variety of attractions so close by and easy to get to. And your relatives will love to come visit you.”


There are so many reasons to live and retire in Panama, but this list we found sums it up beautifully with a top 20 list! How about that?  Here you will find highlights on what makes Panama such a great place to live.  Panama has been on the top 10 list of best places to retire and still remains up there.  After reading these 20 reasons, you’ll understand why.  I have them listed below for a quick overview.  To get the individual breakdown just follow the link below for more details.

Panama Flag

1. Panama: One of the Lowest Costs of Living for Foreigners in the World

2. The US Dollar as Currency

3. The Best Retiree Benefit Program in the World 

4. Panama is Safe: Lowest Crime Rate Against Tourists in the Region & Hurricane and Earthquake Free

5. With So Much to Do You”ll Never Be Bored

6. An American-Style Infrastructure, a By-product of a Special Historical Relationship

7. A Foreign Investor and Retiree-Friendly Government

8. Panama: One of the Best Economies in Latin America

9. Panama is Close

10. The Panamanian People are “Globalized”, Peaceful, Friendly and Fun-Loving

11. Dependable Travel in Panama-Roads, Highways and Public Transportation

12. Inexpensive First Class Health Services and Medical care

13. Shopping

14. High Speed Internet and Services

15. Lots of Good Restaurants

16. Banking Conveniences and a Strong Financial Services Sector

17. Excellent Schools

18. Variety of Residential Venues to Choose From

19. Architectural Variety

20. Foreigners who purchase property in Panama enjoy all the same rights as Panamanians


Again, to get the breakdown and read more about each numbered benefit to living in Panama click on the link provided for the full article:  TOP 20 REASONS TO LIVE IN PANAMA


If you want to explore for yourself what Panama has to offer, contact us for information on how you can get your own tour of the country.


Written By: Jenna Scarpino, Relocation Specialist for Elite Tours Abroad