The short answer to the question of whether people are actually retiring overseas is, “Yes, absolutely!”  A simple Google search will bring up results from reputable sources such as AARP, US News, Kiplinger, CNBC, Fox Business, Reuters, the United States Government’s website, and so many more, discussing exactly that.  Don’t take our word for it, go look for yourself.

There are a number of reasons for this trend:


Lower living expensesTropical Home

This is one of the main pushes for people to consider relocating abroad these days.  It is no secret that in many places abroad things cost less.  Land costs less.  Food costs less. Entertainment costs less.  Healthcare costs less.[expand title=”Read More”]

It is common to find a home in a beautiful, safe, and interesting destination for less than $1,000 per month.  Entire communities of expats are springing up in countries all around the world.  Every lifestyle can be accommodated overseas; from living on a budget to living in luxury.




Healthcare costs lesshealthy heart

This falls into the previous category, but it deserves its own mention.  Again, it is no secret that costs in the healthcare system in the United States are inflated.  Healthcare costs much more than it does in most other countries of the world.  What many people don’t know is that the healthcare quality in the United States is not reflective of the high costs.  Said another way, the United States did not rank in the top ten according to the Commonwealth Fund analysis.[expand title=”Read More”]  

The United States is no longer the premier location for healthcare.  It is too expensive, the quality is no longer stand alone, and the accessibility is becoming less than adequate.  What you will find overseas will surprise you, and leave you questioning why you hadn’t looked abroad for healthcare solutions sooner.[/expand]





plate-64269_640English language works

You can get by in most countries on English alone!  One of the greatest fears when going abroad is a language barrier.  While this fear is definitely founded in some areas of the world, in most it is not.  [expand title=”Read More”]

English has become a global language and where tourism is the main economy, you can bet there will be English speaking locals. When all else fails, a big smile and a giggle will work wonders.[/expand]






Quality of life

open water kayaking

Tired of the “rat race”?  Can’t ever seem to get ahead?  Retiring abroad eliminates this futile pursuit for most people.  Something seems to have been lost in North American culture that has people scrambling to work.  Life revolves around work.[expand title=”Read More”]  

Combined with a higher purchasing power of your money, the unlimited activities that exist, and a new found retirement lifestyle, the majority of people who retire overseas report a dramatic improvement in their quality of life.  It isn’t just about the money.  It is a lifestyle.  A recent relocator was quoted as saying, “I think I’ve developed new wrinkles from smiling so much.  I forgot how good it feels to laugh all the time.”[/expand]




airplane on groundCloser than you’d think

You do not have to travel across the globe for these benefits, though many do.  Central and South America and the Caribbean offer some of the best retirement havens in the world. Countries like Belize are a two hour plane ride from the United State!  Air travel is inexpensive with tickets costing as low as a few hundred dollars.[expand title=”Read More”]
The escape from snow and cold to the beaches, jungles, and mountains of your future retirement home is less of a commute than many make in a single day.[/expand]




Amazing climateBeach in San Pedro Belize

Last but not least, is the amazing weather that exists in most of the countries people are relocating to.  If a tropical beach is your ideal, you can have it.   If you prefer the noises of a jungle and the mountain top view, it can be yours.  Regardless of whether you relocate to Central America or South East Asia, the climate in these locations are beautiful. [expand title=”Read More”]  

The initial move from a “seasonal climate”- as we’ve coined it- to one where the seasons consist of a rainy and dry season may take some adjusting.  You’ll definitely need more shorts and t-shirts and you may as well give away your winter clothes because you definitely won’t need them.  After you batter the separation anxiety from getting rid of your favorite snow jacket, the most difficult article of clothing to shop for is a pair of sandals.  There are so many options!

All joking aside, when the weather is pleasant, life just seems to be a little easier.  The effects of seasonal affective disorder will no longer plague you and you’ll have a nice sun kissed glow from your many early morning and evening walks on the beach.[/expand]






relaxed at sea